Rese Knock Or Block

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Rese Knock Or Block

The Rock' Em Sock' Em Robots
ame has been scoring knockouts since 1964 but rolls out something
different with this edition a die that determines who's knocking, and who's blocking! The Red
Rocker nd Blue Bomber obots still have fists at the ready to be the first to knock their rival's block
off. Manual controls on the ring's joysticks put the players in charge of all the punching and jabbing
fun. But in this edition, rolling the die determines which robot need to go on the defensive and hit the
BLOCK button, while the other goes on the offensive and hits their punch button to KNOCK! The goal
remains Knock His Block Off! akes a great gift for kids 6 years and older. Colors and decorations
may vary.

Item# 37300

item #: 37300
manufacturer #: HDN94
brand: Mattel Games
barcode(s): 194735028863
packaging dimensions (cm): 20.00 x 26.67 x 8.57
shipping weight (kg): 0.186
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AAA batteries required: -
C batteries required: -
D batteries required: -
9V batteries required: -
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